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Curriculum Content

Please use these links to read our curriculum content.  Our Values, Journeys and Origins planning covers our history, geography, art, music and design and technology curriculum.  

Science Term 1 - Values Term 2 - Journeys Term 3 - Origins
Year 3


Invaders and Settlers Page 1

Invaders and Settlers page 2

80 Days Around the World p1

80 Days Around the World p2

Robin Hood - Myth or Legend?  P1


Year 4


Romans in Britain page 1

Romans in Britain page 2


How the world we knew was changed by Explorers p1


What happened in Derbyshire in Tudor times? P1


Year 5


Ancient Greeks page 1

Ancient Greeks page 2

To Boldly Go p1

To Boldly Go p2

What was Victorian Langley Mill like? P1


Year 6


World War II page 1

World War II page 2

An Unexpected Journey p1

An Unexpected Journey p2

Which is the most important valley in the world? P1


RE Curriculum                                             Safeguarding Curriculum                         Computing Curriculum

                                                  PE Curriculum and Skills Progression and Key Skills           

RSHE Curriculum                                          BSL Curriculum

Should you require any further information about our curriculum please contact the office.