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Langley Mill Academy

About the ERF

What does ERF mean?  It means an Enhanced Resource Facility. 

What does the ERF do?  In our school it provides specialist provision for children with all levels of  deafness.  

Where is the ERF?  The ERF is all through school as we strongly believe that pupils who come to us via the ERF are part of our whole school community.  The ERF provides additional support for pupils to support them in our classes whilst receiving specialist support as needed.  

Who can come to the ERF?  Pupils with an EHCP may apply to have our ERF as their preferred school choice for junior education.  Our ERF supports pupils from year three to year six.  Many of our ERF pupils come from Aldercar Infants and go to Aldercar High School who also have ERF for deaf pupils. 

Who works in the ERF?  We have a Teacher of the Deaf (Mrs Pappa) who is supported by teaching assistants throughout school but all our staff work with our ERF children.  

Why is the ERF important to Langley Mill Academy?  The ERF is fundamental to making us who we are as an inclusive school.  We learn BSL as a school and take part in many deaf awareness activities.  


* The term Deaf / deaf is used throughout this statement to mean all children who come under the ERF provision whatever their level of hearing.